Want to give your fitness efforts real staying power, even if you haven't stuck with exercise before?


5 secrets that crack the code to staying fit and energized!

What You'll Get

Proven Strategies

Proven strategies to turn things around and get you moving. Begin using convenient, efficient ways to keep fitness in your life.

5 "Code Breaking" Secrets

The 5 Secret Mindset Resets that will change how you think about fitness. Forever. Break old habits and start new ones that are in line with your goals.

Easy Ways To Start

Quick and easy ways to implement a new fitness path. 5 Secrets to change, and 5 rockin' exercises to get you started. You get new ways to move that will inspire you to keep going.  

What People Are Saying


I have been thrilled to be able to do more things with my family

As a reluctant exerciser with some specific health issues, I was looking for a special kind of trainer. I found that with Kristen. Over the years, she has gently guided me into a fitness habit that I keep coming back to, even through various set-backs. I have been thrilled to be able to do more things with my family and in my life that I was unable to do before. Now I am always looking for ways to do the best I can for my body. Kristen has been instrumental in giving me options that work for me, and in motivating me to keep exercise a part of my life. 

–Judy R., Retired Nurse

I feel a hundred times better mentally and physically

I first met Kristen when my doctor prescribed exercise and physical therapy for my fibromyalgia. I was shocked at how out of shape I was. Kristen gently and firmly led me through exercises that gradually built up my strength, flexibility, and stamina. And along the way, I found out that I really enjoyed exercising. Now, I can’t do without it. It’s part of my everyday life and routine. I’m stronger, have more energy, and best of all, I feel a hundred times better mentally and physically. And I look better too!

–Miriam C., Writer

The Creator of "A Rockin' Fitness Habit"

Kristen Carter, MS Exercise Physiology, Certified Health Coach

Kristen has been working in fitness for over 25 years. Her training and certifications include a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, Certified Personal Trainer, Titleist Golf Fitness Specialist, Lifestyle Management and Weight Control, and Health Coaching.

In addition to working with countless clients individually, she has brought workshops on many topics to the community, and has worked as facilitator and motivation guru for exercise and weight loss programs.

Her passion is helping people become healthier, more energetic, and able to move better by making fitness a regular part of their lives.

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